Expert Skill


Amanda Lillywhite
Skill: Cover Design. UK based

Specialising in Picture Books, General Fiction, Poetry, Romance, Biography/Autobiography, Non Fiction
for Children, Young Adults, Adults.

Also offers illustration.


Please go to my AJL illustration website to see book covers for adults. Illustration portfolios and my work for children can be seen on my Crazy Panda website. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact me to ask for samples, not all of my work is online.

I have created covers for series and for standalone books both fiction and non-fiction. I am happy to work to a specific brief or to come up with ideas. I am also happy to guide you through the creative process.

I am a freelance illustrator as well as a graphic designer. In some of the samples below I have used my own illustrations, occasionally in combination with photography. Other covers are entirely created from photographs. Photographs are sometimes supplied or taken by the writer other times are found in stock libraries. I use Photoshop to make changes to photographs where required (a change of hair colour for instance), to tidy up any problems and to create montages.

I would be delighted to hear about your book or to answer any questions. 

Price guide

Please contact me to discuss your project and I will be delighted to give you a firm costing and schedule.


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Photos in these montages taken or supplied by the writer.

Julia Bell's ebooks recreated in 3D for @JuliaBellRF

Photomontages using stock images.


Stock images combined with illustration.


Photo taken by the writer.

Illustration combined with coin images from the US mint.