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Getting help with self-publishing

Traditional publishing is a team effort. No one at a publishing company can do everything, so the company hires full time staff or freelancers to do the various jobs involved in producing a book.  The same applies to self-publishing. When you decide to take the independent route, you become a publisher and, just like the CEO of Penguin, you can buy in the skills you need from experts. So let’s look at the steps involved in publishing a book to see where you may need help. Continue reading

Behind the scenes in an ebook

We all know that an ebook is a book you read on screen instead of on paper. But what is it behind the scenes? What’s in that file you download and what do you need to include when you make one?

(Note to technophobes: What follows is quite technical and is only aimed at those who are interested. You don’t need to understand it if you’re using conversion software on KDP or Draft2Digital to create your ebook.) Continue reading